Archaiana's Webseite

That's me:                          

I'm a little crazy, but all in all grown up too.

When I'm older I'd like to become an archaeologist,

My idol's name is Howard Carter, the explorer of Tutankhamen's  

tomb. I like Egypt very much, but I have never been to


the pyramid's state. At the moment I'm on a secondary school

with name "Gesamtschule Velbert" in Velbert near Essen.

Oh, and I live in Germany, not in an English state.

I'm looking forward to spend my next holidays in Roma!


My hobbies are writing, music, drawing, painting, philosophy,

camping, listening to music, being outside, animals



*cats*, diving, ancient cultures & everything medieval, my keyboard,

and swimming. ^^ My favourite colours are black, green and red.

***My darling is a gentleman with name Howard Carter***

(neuzeitliches Edit: Dracula ginge auch noch xD)

My greatest wish would be exploring

the tomb  of Alexander the Great!!!!!! That were all immportant


things about my life I think!!!!!





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